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It happens after a busy weekend of Palm Sunday that I write this reflection for the Easter bulletin. It took me by surprise when I remembered that this is my turn again to share my reflection. Once again, I am being pressured by time since within a couple of hours the bulletin should be sent for editing. I am short of words, short of expressions even short of ideas but filled with excitement because this is Easter, the most powerful Season of the Liturgical Calendar of the Catholic Church, a time of great surprise.

Mary of Magdalena was surprised when she gets to the tomb early in the morning and finds the stone that has been sealed two days ago over the tomb has been removed, the body has disappeared and her panic and distress causes her to run away searching for the answer. Fearful and disappointed, she went to the disciples and asked for back up. As Saint John narrates the story, as soon as her people get to the place and find more evidence, it seems that the fearful and disappointed attitude has changed toward a more convincing tone and creates a new sphere of reflection on a great surprise that will make them witnesses of the resurrection.

The book of the Acts of the Apostle offers so many great ideas to us about Peter’s preaching on the resurrection. Peter said those witnesses {kind of back up people} have been "chosen and commissioned to testify" and lead others to "think and to seek what is above". I believe this is the whole message of the resurrection; Christ brings new hope to humanity and invites us to think and to seek what is above because life has its proper focus and goal. His passion and death have been like a seed planted for a better harvest; as you know, "the hope for the harvest is in the seed". As the seed continues to blossom in our heart the tyranny of death will be destroyed and be replaced completely by the joy and the excitement of freedom to live forever with the Lord. This is the reason during this Easter Season we are invited to reenergize ourselves and be witnesses of the resurrection as we continue to fight against all type of sins and all forms of distraction that continue to create huge obstacles for us and the rest of humanity. "HAPPY EASTER".

Rev. Ducasse François,
Parish Administrator

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Our Mission

The Mission of St. Juliana Parish is to grow spiritually, evangelize and serve, united as one family of faith, welcoming and including each person with love.