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Priest Corner



rothers and sisters, Jesus Christ is the only treasure that satisfies.

In our careers we seek to have fulfillment through our dream job, but many times we find out that our dream job is just that, a dream.

In our personal lives we strive to have a bigger house, a new car, and the latest gadgets, but these things of treasure don’t really satisfy us. Instead they bring with them a larger mortgage, a bigger car payment and in the long run the desire for more things.

In our first reading, God asked King Solomon in a dream to ask God for something and God would give it to him. Solomon asked for an understanding heart. He could have asked for riches or a long life or the other items in the reading, but he did not. God was pleased with his request and granted him a heart that was wise and understanding unlike any that had existed before. Solomon wanted this so he could help others and so he could treat them with justice.

What would you ask for if God came to you and said “Ask something of me and I will give it to you.” Would you be able to ask for something that God would be pleased with?

Consider asking God this week to help you be the best disciple of Jesus that you can be.

Jesus tells us in today’s Gospel that we must sacrifice in order to receive the treasure that comes from being his disciples. We must not focus on the sacrifice, however, we must focus on the reward that comes from discipleship.

What is the reward of discipleship? When we are disciples of Jesus Christ, we are committed to the teachings of the scriptures and of our Church and our focus is on loving God and our neighbors and our daily lives are transformed.

Living as a disciple has never been easy over the course of the last two thousand years, but we must be strong and be faithful.

If we do this, we will receive the ultimate reward of eternal life with Jesus in heaven. This is the reward we need to focus on instead of the rewards we might gain through our careers or our possessions, for careers end and possessions don’t last, but eternal life is forever. Have a blessed week as a disciple of the Lord!

Rev. Robert L. Pope, Parochial
Parochial Vicar